Your Global M2M connectivity provider

MobiquiThings is the referent Machine to Machine connectivity service provider across the world.


With it’s full MVNO expertise and infrastructure, MobiquiThings enables multi-operator and multi-network coverage and offers industrial players of all domains to grasp the M2M opportunity by enhancing their business relevance and efficiency.


MobiquiThings disrupts:


  • Always Best Connected: Dynamic Network Attachment for Optimized Radio coverage and QoS across the world thanks to multi-operator SIM Cards and connectivity. Always connects to the best giving network in dynamic manner

  • Optimized M2M service Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Device Life Cycle management (from provisioning to decommissioning) through ad’hoc device and service life cycle management platform


Our global M2M Service platform is a dedicated data platform centrally designed and hosted by Mobiquithings.

  • Our DNA

    Dynamic Network Attachement